Wound Care

Recommended Compound

Phenytoin 2%, Lidocaine 2%, Misoprostol 0.0024% in Cholecalciferol Cream

Apply daily after each wound dressing change.

Ann Pharmacother. 1996 Jul-Aug;30(7-8):768-75

SUMMARY: A 55-year-old morbidly obese white man (266 kg), with respiratory failure secondary to obesity-hypoventilation syndrome and heart failure, developed pressure ulcers on his lower back and sacrum with the first 2 weeks of hospitalization. Traditional methods of treatment were unsuccessful, and by day 79, the wound involved the entire lumbosacral area and buttocks, and had extensive undermining and sinus tract formation. Within 2 days of applying topical phenytoin, fresh granulation was apparent. After 54 days of treatment, nearly all the sinus tracts were healed. Four months after treatment with topical phenytoin had facilitated the healing of the wounds, even though the patient's multiple underlying medical problems had not resolved.

Related Compounds

Nifedipine 5% + Arginine Cream

-This calcium channel blocker/amino acid combination can be added to the edges of the wound to help increase blood flow to slow healing wounds.

Metronidazole Dusting Powder or Solution

-An excellent choice for odorous/infected wounds. This compound can be prepared individually or in combination with our phenytoin wound care cream.
Ostomy Wound Manage. 2008 Mar;54(3):18-27

Pluramine Gel

- A poloxamer amino acid based gel designed to provide additional topical/nutritional support.

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